About Us

Promotional Source. is a leading promotional products company with a focus on incentive marketing. We offer a full range of services for organizations and individuals that are both suitable and appealing to various industries world-wide.

Mission - What we do

Help organizations and individuals meet their objectives by providing quality, targeted corporate branded and incentive or reward merchandise and programs that are proven to add value.

Vision - Where we want to be

To become the promotional incentive marketing company of choice for organizations and their employees and communities in North America.

Core Values

These four values are the soul of our company…our culture. They define how we conduct ourselves, shape our business approach and form our unique perspective on the world. These basic values and points that follow each one comprise what is necessary for our success.

Customer Service

  • Service - We believe excellent service is defined by the client
  • Mutuality - Mutuality provides a strong focus on clients and enables us to concentrate on the long-term view
  • Financial Stability - Financial stability gives Plan-It flexibility and strength
  • Marketing - We aim to understand our customer markets in order to meet a variety of their objectives in diverse areas of their operation
  • Cost - Our commitment to clients includes offering the best value products and services of the highest quality


  • Management - We work toward continuous improvement in our operations, which over time, has a large positive impact.
  • Products and Services - We continually seek to improve and enhance existing product, program and service offerings to guarantee we meet clients’ diverse and changing needs.
  • Corporate Identity - We strive to increase recognition of Plan-It Promotions and improve our quality reputation as a financially sound, client-focused company.


  • Professional Development - We provide our staff with ongoing education to enhance their ability to offer up-to-date program and product options for our clients
  • Collaboration - Through a full understanding of client objectives we are able to provide the optimum solution each and every time producing optimum results.


  • Ethics - We operate in an ethical and legal manner. We are dedicated to being honest and straightforward in our dealings with clients, suppliers, the public and each other.
  • Social Responsibility - We do our best to support society, the global community, the economy, the incentive and promotional marketing services industry and the communities where our employees and clients work and live.
  • Environmental Responsibility - We are committed to ensuring our clients are aware of the very best ecologically sound merchandise at their disposal and represent factories that are environmentally responsible.